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Avoid wasting time generating manual Excel reports. Create new, more informative views automatically from the data you already have.

At Unify services, we look at how we can take your existing reporting environment and provide a fast and cost effective way to automate and simplify your reports. We work with our customers data sources, both internal and 3rd party, to quickly identify efficiencies and opportunities. 

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Tableau Partner Melbourne

Melbourne based Tableau Partner

Save time, reduce errors

Remove the need to spend hours a week creating reports that can be automated from the data sources you already own. Remove the chance of human errors while ensuring timeliness.

Share intelligently

Cloud based technology allows you to strictly control access, ensuring that your key data and statistics cannot be lost or stolen, while having the flexibility to share reports with key stakeholders in a simple way. You can even choose to host your own Cloud server to ensure your data never leaves your building.

Visualise your data in new ways

Generate outstanding reports that visually convey more information as quickly as possible. Do things such as geographic reporting and user-input dashboards that simply cannot be done with Excel.

Fast ROI

It's easy to show value with reporting automation. An average corporate employee will spend two hours of each week creating reports, that's nearly 100 hours of productivity wasted, per employee, per annum. 

Connect Xero and Tableau.

With our proprietary Xero-Sync connector, you can automatically send Xero invoice and P&L data straight to Tableau.

We are a Tableau Partner in Melbourne who can get you setup and running both on premises or in the cloud. 

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