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A common challenge with psychical retail is the limited amount of metrics available for management to make informed decisions.

Traditionally, the only metrics available to retailers are Infrared Door counters and sales data, painting a very narrow picture of business performance

The solution is OmniChannel Metrics, which uses WiFi, SmartPhone, POS and Website data to paint a more complete picture of business performance, key metrics and customer behaviour. 

What is Omni Channel Metrics?

Omni Channel is the use of physical and internet technologies to help understand your customers and business performance better.

We unify leading WiFi Technology to gather metrics important to retailers:

  • Total Sales for a Period
  • Wage Costs for a Period
  • Number of Visits
  • Number of Walk By
  • Average Visit Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion rate

Retail Testimonial: Viva Energy

We engaged Unify Services to implement an affordable cloud managed guest WIFI solution.
Not only were they able to do this quickly and cost effectively, but we were also surprised by the additional functionality and features Unify Services solution provided our business, giving us a competitive advantage in our industry: when our customers logged on to our free WIFI their email addresses were automatically synced with our database. We had a customizable centralized dashboard showing us vital customer engagement data eg. age group, male or female, dwell time by department, unique or repeat customer, walk by or walk in, ratio of sales staff to customers. If customers did not log on to our free WIFI, Unify Services solution still gave us valuable customer engagement data based on their mobile phone locations.
Unify Services exceeded our expectations in terms of both the solution and they after sales service they supplied us.

Briony Mack

Customer Insights &
New Platforms Strategist


Most hospitality business we work with are often established and are littered with business services, systems and processes that are outdated and slow.

We provide a fresh pair of eyes, with real world applications to make your bottom line, experience or service even better.

If you’re creating a new business, our consultancy provides insight on what great business’ use to succeed.

The most common services we implement for Hospitality businesses are:

  • Guest WiFi
  • POS Consultation
  • Workforce Management
  • Accounting integration
  • Operational Improvement
  • Web / Email and VoIP

Why Tableau for Health Care?

Tableau has been a leader in Business intelligence for over 5 years. With Tableau’s BI Tools, we’ve transformed the way health care practises do reporting.

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Healthcare businesses are complex to run, often with 5 or more mission critical systems, all generating vast amounts of data. Because of this, reporting is often time consuming, requiring one or more full time resources just to get business critical information visualised in a timely manner.

Our solution is to use existing systems and integrate Tableau BI tools. We have implemented Business Insight tools at lower cost and faster turn over then traditional B.I tools. Our solutions integrate with over 50 databases and can be integrated into any cloud software with an open API.


Logistics require a number of systems to operate effectively. At Unify Services, we look at the, Xero Accounting, Workforce management and Task and Learning Management systems.

Combined, we use Tableau Cloud to display this information to your management and customers in real time.

The most common services we implement for Logistics businesses are:

  • Networking and Wireless
  • Workforce Management
  • Accounting integration
  • Visual Reporting
  • Web / Email and VoIP

Why Meraki in Government?

Meraki Firewalls, Switches, Wireless and MDM allows Unify Services to remotely manage, monitor and support government IT assets from every level of “the stack”. This means we can secure and optimise any environment.

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We’ve provided IT solutions for local governments; completely managed, monitored and supported. Our solutions range from networking security to managed workstations. Our managed workstation solutions are upgraded and supported remotely, automatically patched and secured weekly.

We use Cisco Meraki to secure government assets from the network level up. This allows us to prevent malware and vulnerabilities before they get to the workstations, printers or networking gear.  Additionally, using Mobile Device management, we support and track Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Government Testimonial: Cardinia Shire

Cardinia Shire Council IT had a unique requirement (a Community Internet Café) that was outside the standard scope of our services. Whilst not overly complex it was creating excessive support calls and the internal TCO was becoming greater than we could afford.

Cardinia went to market and were able to identify Unify Services as a provider that would be able to deliver a solution to our problem that would be dynamic and flexible, both in technology and service, that completely aligned with our own aspirations to be progressive and agile. In the 18 months we have been working with Unify Services they haven’t missed a beat which has enhanced their internal perception and positions them well for future projects.

David Jackson

Information Services Manager


Service based businesses rely on strong WiFi, networking security and systems. We provide IT solutions that can manage every element, including how guests are handled on your network. Our Guest WiFi solution offers your business a new way to track and re-market to your visitors simply by offering free and secure WiFi.

The DreamSpace Office Concept

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