Local Melbourne Movers

From Page 10 to Page 1, we helped Gorilla Movers move their way to page one and generate genuine customers and interest.

Their fully custom and unique website design is quirky, unique and co-created by the Unify Team and the founding partners.

When competing with such a massive industry such as the moving industry, we had to be smart about the type of keywords we targeted. After crunching the data and running an audit on the market and the website, we found specific, niche keywords which we would be able to optimise the website against.

“Local Melbourne Movers” was one of the phrases Unify Services established as a winner. Within 6 months, Gorilla Movers shaked their way up the Google ranking to now be found on page #1, and generating a constant stream of customers.

Unify Services continues to optimise their SEO to this day and they could not be happier.

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