Blue Bag – Cloud POS

Easy to use Cloud POS with Kitchen bump screens and insightful reports.


Blue Bag's Fresh Water Place renovation needed a fresh POS solution. Blue bag required a cloud based POS that's easy to use, easy to manage which provides insightful, company wide reporting across multiple business sites. An auto 4g mobile backup ensures always-online connectivity.


To provide a powerful, but easy to use Cloud POS with multi-site support and bump screen capabilities. Internet connectivity and reliability provided an additional challenge which needed to be solved. 


Utilising iPads running Kounta POS, professionally installed, configured and supported; Unify Services delivered a robust, powerful cloud-based Point of Sale solution.

After installation and configuration of Kounta, Unify Services also provided end-to-end training and on-going support, resulting in a faster adoption across the business and better customer service.

Unify Services implemented an automatic and fool-proof 4G backup solution which ensured that any ADSL or NBN disruptions would automatically fail over to the 4G mobile network.


The results for Blue bag have been measured by cost saving, order accuracy and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, Blue bag management now has deeper insights into their business across multiple locations and can deep dive into best selling products, best time periods and profitability. 


Easy to use Cloud POS

Mobile 4G Backup

Kitchen Bump Screen

Robust Reporting

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Cloud POS & Guest Wifi

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