IT Security

In today's information age, your data is worth it's weight in gold. Don't let your data get into the wrong hands. By utilising strict controls and modern security technology, we can help reduce the risks.

The challenge for every company is “Are we truly secure and how do we know?”

Some of our clients have said “We are secure because we have firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, access control lists on routers, and we have anti-virus on every desktop”. But, installing the products is just the first in a more detailed and on-going security activity.


Preventative Security is about being prepared and taking the right steps before hand. We know that one day someone will try to steal your data or intellectual property, or they will try to maliciously impact on your business. The question is whether you have firstly made it difficult to so, and secondly know it is happening and have an action plan when it does.


Attacks on your business are not always going to be from some rogue state, or a hacker group like anonymous, or even some teenagers making a deliberate attack against your company.

It more often comes from your employees accidentally visiting a drive-by web site or letting their kids play “free” games, or it is a disgruntled employee that wants to damage or steal from the company.


At Unify Services we focus on what is important to the business such as the payroll, legal, and human resources groups, as well as the applications that gather and store data that is important to your business.


We  bring the experience and skills to assist you in identifying your critical applications, groups, and network components and can secure, test, monitor, and maintain the security aspects of your business.

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