Provide secure, professional guest WiFi with the marketing integration your business needs.

No more WiFi Passwords

Users log in using their own social media accounts


Subscribe users to your mailing list automagically

Growing your MailChimp mailing list is a breeze. 

Providing guest WiFi shouldn’t be expensive to implement and difficult to manage.

The Unify Service’s Access point uses Cloud technology to deliver a plug and play Guest WiFi solution for your business that is fully branded with your logo and social media profile.

This plug and play device, no bigger than the size of a deck of cards, will allow your customers to securely and easily log into your Guest Wifi with their social media profiles.

Once your customer’s log in, you can capture and store their information with the ability to re-market and reward your customers, without needing to manually enter information or do anything – it all happens automagically in the cloud!

Perfect for cafes, restaurants, waiting rooms, play centres, studios, theatres, medical centres, car yards, service centres and more!

Up to 50 simultaneous users

per access point. Upgrade access points can support up to 100 Users

BYO Device

Compatible with most AeroHive, Meraki, Aruba and Ruckus access points.

once off per access point / or $0 if you BYO compatible device

+ $49 per Month

Minimum 12 Month Commitment
Software Licensing, Support and future upgrades


Content Filterting

With content filtering, you can ensure that your guests do not load Adult or illegal websites. A strongly recommended add-on if your venue will have children.

Make your guest WiFi work harder

Our proprietary software allows WiFi to MailChimp integration. Effortlessly grow your mailing lists while identifying your best customers.

Order now for Free shipping

Is your business ready to benefit from WiFi marketing? We can ship your access point within 5-7 business days! It only takes a few seconds to buy and activate online.

Steps to setting up Guest WiFi



Plug in the Unify Access point to your exisiting Modem/Router




How does it work?

Simple! Once you've placed an order online, we'll ask a small amount of questions and ask you to upload your logo.
We then ship your device pre-configured so you only have to plug and play!